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Retention Credit:

How it Works?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a government stimulus program that refunds payroll taxes during the pandemic. Small and medium-sized businesses can receive larger amounts than PPP loans, and there are no restrictions on how the money can be used.

During COVID-19 pandemic, Congress passed relief legislation that includes the Employee Retention Credit. Unlike PPP loans, which help with payroll, the ERC refunds payroll taxes, offering up to $26,000 per employee as a reward for businesses that retained their workforce.

"The ERC has been a godsend for a great many small businesses that would not have survived, or even now be surviving without it"

"Small and midsize businesses can
get cash directly
from the federal government through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)".

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The wait time to get an
ERC refund
check from the IRS is already getting longer. Who knows if this program will continue to be funded and available through early 2025 as currently planned.
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Receive a US Treasury Check or up to $26,000/employee. You can spend your refund however you choose.

Employee Retention


Can you answer "YES” to ANY
of the following questions?

  • Are you US based business?

  • Did you have 5+ employees during 2020 and/or 2021?

  • Did you cover your Payroll Taxes for the same timeframe?


The Most Common

ERC Questions We Hear...

Who Qualifies for the ERC and How Do They Qualify?

Any business with 5 or more employees during 2022-2021 may be eligible if you were impacted by COVID due to any of a host of reasons. Watch to learn more.

What if I Had PPP Loans Forgiven? Can I Still Qualify for the ERC?

It's possible to apply for both programs but there are very strict guidelines. It’s so complex that we created custom software to ensure you get the highest credits.

If You Were Told You Don't Qualify for the ERC - Don't Believe It!

Roughly 95% of the businesses we work with qualify for refunds. And nearly half of those were informed by others that they did not. Find out how much you deserve.

What are the Risks Associated With the ERC?

The biggest risk is not using a specialist to file. The qualifications report your business submits is often 300+ pages. It's very complex. You need specialists to help you.

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